Welcome to the Stellar Images Blog

Welcome to Stellar Images.  This is my very first blog post, so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.  I founded Stellar Images, here in Shrewsbury Massachusetts to allow me to bring my lifelong passion for photography out into the homes of others. If you live in Shrewsbury, no doubt you have seen my images many times over the years. n fact, many have asked if my camera was somehow surgically attached to my side, because I rarely go anywhere without it.  You’ve no doubt seen me on the sidelines at every sports event in town, perhaps walking around Spirit of Shrewsbury day looking for that special shot, or out on a gorgeous fall afternoon taking in the colors.  Of course, as much as I have always loved shooting landscapes, it was always people that really were my favorite subjects – much to dismay, at times, of my kids who are incredibly photogenic, but hate when I take their picture. Perhaps they will ultimately be the biggest winners in my new studio, because it will mean that I leave them alone and stop asking them to pose for me.

Of course no field of photography has come farther in recent years than that of the so called “senior portrait.”  When I was in school, getting your photo done meant standing in the cafeteria while someone snapped your picture for the yearbook – a photo that really looked as much like a mug shot as anything else. Now we seem to have evolved into a society where there is so much more of an appreciation for quality, both in concept and printing, and todays parents wind up with something that they can treasure forever, instead of my high school photos which I’m sure are still in my moms dresser drawer where they were placed 35 years ago.