Retouching Photographs – Massachusetts Portrait Photography Tip of the Day

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts – Someone had emailed be yesterday about doing a Senior Portrait at St. Johns, and wanted to book a date, but said that their son was nervous because he had a large pimple that he was furiously trying to clear up. They thought it was a crazy notion to have to schedule senior portraits around teenage blemishes, but I assured then that they weren’t the first parents with a similar request! In fact, one of my first inquiries was from someone who wanted me to do some senior portraits at Algonquin Regional High School and was explaining that their daughter and her two friends were hoping for a weekend when all their faces were clear. Really guys, you can relax and worry about the important things in life, thanks to the amazing portrait retouching software that exists out there.

We’ve come a long way from the days when a team of artists used to literally airbrush everything from family portraits to glamour models, and now the tools available for professional photographers have enabled us to do the same miracles tight here on the computer that magazines have been doing for years. The more I play around with those retouching tools, the more jaded I become realizing how all of us fall victim to comparing ourselves to those gorgeous people we see in the magazines, only to find that none of them actually really look like that. Well, very few of them do anyway. I will say that I took my kids to see Lion King on Broadway years ago and would up sitting next to Christy Turlington, and she was prettier in jeans with no make-up than you might imagine.

Truly the things we can do are just amazing, and the challenge is sometime to focus on the theory that “less is more” and not get carried away with retouching. When I first purchased one of my many software tools, I started playing around with Sam’s senior portraits, and next thing I knew he had bluer eyes than Liz Taylor! Looked really cool, but of course that wasn’t him. Suffice it to say though that all of us, at least those of us over 10 years old, can sometimes use a little touch up now and then.