Shrewsbury Massachusetts at Midnight

                                                                                                                                         Shrewsbury Massachusetts at Midnight on a winter evening – by Steve Levine

Photography has always been a very special and very personal experience for me, and one that has always been my passion to share with others. In the mid 1970′s I picked up my very first Kodak 110, and began snapping pictures of the world around me, developing my film myself and printing my photos from scratch.  Ultimately I won a contest in 9th grade with a photo of a piece of driftwood that I can still picture in my mind as though it were yesterday.

We have certainly come a long way technologically since those days, yet in the end the art of a memorable photograph has never been about the equipment, but rather the keen eye of the photographer, and their ability to find a certain special magic and capturing it forever for all to enjoy. Sometimes, that magic is in the eye of a child as he looks up at his mom, or the crack of a bat against a baseball.  Other times it’s the serene beauty of a setting sun, or that moment in a family when generations come together in an image that will be treasured for decades.

SL0_2994With the opening of Stellar Images, here in Shrewsbury, I hope to put my passion to work for those around me, and help them to capture those special moments in their lives in a very unique way, truly from the heart, which is where all quality photography should originate.  My primary focus will be on portrait work – high school juniors and seniors shot both on location, and in my studio, family portraits, glamour shoots, as well as newborns and maternity photographs.  For those with modeling interests, I would be happy to shoot photos for your portfolio, and will consider lending my time on a TFP basis for a few of those with potential that would make a good addition to both of our portfolios.

For my business clients, I am available to do corporate photography for your brochures, website and other marketing materials, as well as professional head shots. Both of those will be billed at a simple hourly rate, and you will be provided with the retouched images, royalty free, on a flash drive to use in any way you require.

Interested in your son or daughter being recruited by colleges for athletics? You need high quality images of your student athlete in action and on the field of play. I have shot some amazing players, who have used those images as the centerpiece of their recruiting materials, with great success.

Sumner at nightYou name it, and I’m open to ideas.  An intimate shoot at a fantastic location to celebrate your engagement would be so much fun, as would a simple holiday card photograph in your living room. The only thing I am not into is the huge family function.  I barely like even going to them, much less photographing them.  They always seem so loud!  I may change my mind down the road, but for now, I will gladly leave that to the fantastic professional wedding and b’nai mitzvah photographers who have the patience to wait while someone finds Aunt Sadie because they can’t take the picture without her!  That is a truly special gift indeed, and if you need someone like that, I’m happy to refer you to someone who can do a great job for you.