iStock_000004054081XSmallHere at Stellar Images, we provide a wide array of different photography needs to suit your requirements and of course your budget. Whether you’re interested in a family portrait, a high school senior portrait, or really almost anything else in the field, feel free to reach out and let us know about your project.

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Stellar Images – Senior Portraits and Family Portrait photography

Stellar Images is a full service family portrait photography studio in Shrewsbury Massachusetts, providing high quality senior portraits, corporate photography, family portraits, and all elements of the photography field. For people looking for a Shrewsbury Massachusetts photographer, a Worcester Massachusetts photographer, a Westboro photographer, or for a photographer to provide coverage from Holden, Boylston, West Boylston or Grafton we can handle almost any job you have on your mind.

I have been a passionate photographer for many years, doing on site photoshoots at Saint Johns, Notre Dame Academy, Saint Marks, Fay School, Grafton High School, AMSA, Westboro High School, Algonquin High School, and most of the Worcester Public High Schools.  Senior portraits and all type of school portraits are a special love of mine, and I’ve come to have such great respect for people in the Worcester area who have really pioneered the field of student and family portrait work in Shrewsbury and Worcester area. Their photography skills have created some of the most amazing student pictures I have ever seen.  It was really from following these professionals, and seeing the great work that they have done on senior portraits at Notre Dame Academy, Bancroft School, St Johns, and Venerini Academy that first made me want to enter the field of senior photography and family portraits.

Of course, senior portraits are not limited to only the elite private high schools in the Worcester area like Notre Dame Academy, Bancroft School, St Johns, and Venerini Academy.  Far from it.  In fact, these same professionals have done some of the best Shrewsbury High School senior portraits, Wachusett Regional High School senior portraits, Alqonguin Nashoba and Tahanto regional senior portraits, and more. They have covered sporting evenings, shooting some absolutely fantastic pictures of Student Athletes at Grafton high school, Westboro high school, Wachusetts regional, and of course the big St Johns Shrewsbury high School football games, as well as not only doing senior portraits, but doing all kinds of student and school photography at high schools thorughout Worcester and Middlesex county.