Modeling Photography

SL2_8203 - Version 2If you have dreams of one day becoming a model, you’re not alone. Across the nation, thousands of young men and women, and even the moms of some adorable toddlers share your dream.  For most of them, the allure of getting “discovered” walking down the street is always a great thought, but realistically that is almost never how it happens. Instead they make their way into the industry through hard work, connections, agents, and all of that begins with having a professional portfolio of work to show people. Many so called modeling agencies have very few actual paying jobs out there to offer. How, you might ask, do they make any money, taking a percentage of work that never materializes? Well it usually comes from telling prospective clients when they come in just how much potential they have, but that they need “professional photos” done. “Don’t worry,” they say, “we have our own in house photographer, and for only a few thousand dollars you will get a photo shoot, along with 500 comp cards to send out for potential casting calls.”  In the end, the modeling jobs rarely materialize, but the bill for the photo shoot certainly does.  Most of the time, prospective models are left with nothing but a pile of cards and a huge bill.

SL2_8212Fortunately, you can solve that problem and focus only on agents and agencies that have real castings by having your portfolio and comp cards done before you ever reach out to anyone in the field.  That’s where we come in! To help get you on the path to your modeling dreams, we will do a full two hour photo  shoot, one hour in the studio, and one on location for a flat $350 fee.  This will include retouching the poses you select using my in house suite of professional retouching tools, designing your comp cards and giving you a print ready file, and up to ten 8 x 10 prints for your sample book. These can be very custom sessions either in studio, on location, or both…whatever you think will make you shine at your best.

SL7_2101If you have a high quality photograph already, and would like to engage our retouching services alone, we can do that as well for $25 per photo. It has to be a high resolution file, preferably in TIFF or RAW format, but we can work with a high resolution JPG if we have to.  This does not include any prints, but rather just returning to you your retouched file in the same electronic formate in which we received it. Note that if we are doing the above photo shoot and comp card for you, and you have this one incredible image that you really want on your card, bring it along to the photo shoot on a flash drive, and we’ll just do that one as a freebie while we’re retouching the others from our session.