Corporate Marketing

Reaching out and marketing to the consumers of today requires so much more than it did just a decade ago. The starting point for all of that is your corporate web presence, and your integration into all forms of social media. For that, you need high quality photography, whether that be of your business, or even your senior leadership team. When I am looking to make a purchase, or engage a service of some kind the first thing I do is check out their website, and see the quality of what I find there.  Most of the time, the photography seems amateurish at best, even on the brochure or website of a multi-million dollar company.  Now is the time to take all of that to the next level.

For my corporate clients, I can customize around your needs, and do pretty much anything to help get that part of your marketing to the next level. For some of my recent clients, that meant an on-site photo shoot of their place of business, for use in their brochures. Another just needed some quality head shots, taken in their office and conference room, to be used for their website.  Whatever you need, I’m happy to help, and provide anything from a 1 hour to a half day photo shoot. Unlike portrait work, you will be provided with a CD of your retouched images, which you may use royalty free in any way you wish.