Family Portraits

Family portraits provide a unique opportunity to do something that science might otherwise think impossible, to freeze your family at a moment a time so that we may look back on them for decades to come. To some, that might seem trivial, yet as I look at my kids, now ranging in age from 16 to 23, I must admit that I’m a bit sad to have never had a portrait done myself when the kids were young.  Yes, it’s true, the photographer took tens of thousands of photos of his family, but he wasn’t in any of them.  Now my oldest is out of college, and my middle one is ready to go off into the world, and I can only imagine how much I would treasure a portrait of our family taken in a place that was special to us all.

Walking through the homes of my clients, I often feel that nothing says love like a breathtaking family portrait hanging prominently for all to see.  Sometimes

SL7_8691 it is elegantly framed, but many other times just a very simple frame or even a canvas wrap brings a certain casual feel and warmth that sometimes is lost in too heavy of a frame. This is certainly much different than a simple snapshot, to be sure, yet the process of having your family portrait done is neither expensive, nor time consuming, and almost always it so much fun to do. In fact, I can say that every family portrait I’ve done has been filled with laughter and smiles, as it should be. If your session isn’t fun for you, then that will undoubtedly show up in the photo, so lets have a great time together.  Those who know me well will tell you that I’m lots and lots of fun.

How will the process work?  Well the first thing we will do is to decide on where to shoot.  We have a few different options.  We can do it “on location,” at one of my favorite local spots, perhaps Dean Park, Cyprian Keys or Elm Park in Worcester, or even at your home if you have a nice spot for it.   Alternatively, we can do it at my outdoor studio which is always nice because it’s a very “controlled” environment, with everything in place, and far more equipment than we could bring around town.  Either way, I know it will come out great. It’s all about the timing and lighting. One other reason I love using my studio is that we have an outdoor covered area in which we can shoot throughout the day, rather than limiting ourselves to just that “magic hour,” that occurs near sunset.

Remember that your family portrait does not have to be one single photograph, but rather can be a session that yields a bunch of fantastic shots, perfect for a collage, individual photos of the kids, grandparents, holiday cards, and so much more.  Many people even put together a bunch of them into a small family album for the coffee table.   We will make it a productive session, to be sure. Once we are done shooting, your job is over, and mine has just begun, painstakingly retouching each of the images using a suite of professional software that can do some pretty magical things.

In terms of prints, there are far too many options to list here. We can do anything from simple 8 x10′s to send to your family, to a 30 x 40 canvas wrap for your family room, to the new frameless metal prints, in which the image itself is actually printed onto a sheet of aluminum for an image quality so breathtaking it has to be seen to be believed.  There are many, many different finishing options, and I will go over them all with you when we see each other. Costs for a family portrait session are only $150 at the studio, or $190 on location, both of which usually last about an hour.