Sports Photography

SL5_3610 (1)As a parent of three very active multi-sport athletes, I have been taking photographs at sporting events for as long as I can remember. Doing quality photographs of high speed sporting events is definitely far more challenging than posing someone in the studio, but it does always make for a fun photo shoot. There are many reasons why someone would call upon me to come down to a game and do a session.  Here are just a few for you to consider.

If you’re the parent of a student with potential for college recruitment, you will want to have some high quality digitals of them in action, which can be sent off to potential college coaches. We also offer an affordable website service, where we will create a high quality recruiting website, used by some of the top prospects to promote themselves.

SL5_4072As the head of an AAU program, you may want photographs to give out to your players and parents, all of whom are writing substantial fees to participate in the program, as well as to utilize in your team marketing efforts for the following season.  My kids have been involved in AAU sports for years, and to date I have only encountered one team that had a decent website, with nice photos to promote what they do, and why you should sign up with them.

High School and college coaches and administrators often need photographs done for their yearbook, or to celebrate the great achievements of their team, and the team parent will often take up a collection to have a shoot done as a gift for their coaches, and to be able to give out to the other kids and parents as a memento of a wonderful year.

SL5_4020Local colleges, interested in reaching out to prospective student athletes, or even to alumni for donations, need high quality shots of sporting events to use for their marketing purposes, and will call in a photographer to put together a comprehensive portfolio of their sporting programs.

Whatever your specific needs might be, we are probably able to come in and handle it.  As with corporate photography, you will be provided with digital, royalty free copies of your files that you can then use in any of your marketing efforts.