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Hard to believe but Senior Portrait Season Kicks off in mid-April

As hard as it may be to believe, senior portrait season is upon us. Starting in just a few weeks, we will see both current seniors who either are retaking pics from last summer, or just never got around to it, as well as hundreds of juniors getting them in right on time. Things ramp up quickly just as soon as we see leaves on the trees, sometimes even before, to the point where we show up at some popular spots and there is literally a line of photographers waiting for their turn. I try to stay away from some of those more common spots, unless it’s something you feel really strongly about. They’re pretty, of course, but how many senior pics in the door frame of the stone church in Boylston do you see online each summer?

For me, it’s all about creating images that are different. The old fashioned run-of-the-mill studio shots with the boring backdrops and standard poses just isn’t my style, and quite honestly, it’s probably not what you’re looking for either. I enjoy actually working with each Senior and giving them the freedom to tell me what they’re looking for in their portraits, instead of me telling them what their options are. From mountain tops, to train yards, to grassy fields, to city streets, whatever you want to do, I do my best to go above and beyond for each session in order to create images that truly bring out the personality of each senior. We may find ourselves on the top of Mt. Wachusett, in the middle of Moore State Park in Paxton, or the train tracks behind Union Station. There are so many great spots within just a few minutes of Worcester that the choices are pretty much endless.

The senior portrait package price includes the session fee and professional editing of images. I hate constraints, and so there’s no limit to the number of poses, outfits, or props you use during your session. How you choose to use your time is completely up to you. Here’s what your get with your senior portrait package:

1- 2 Hour Session

Unlimited Poses

Unlimited Outfits

Up to 2 Locations (within close proximity)

About 25 Edited Proofs for your review

1 Edited Yearbook Photo sent to the yearbook company in digital form

Online Proofing Gallery to share with family and friends for viewing and purchasing of prints

Booking Your Session

First and foremost, it’s VERY important that you book your senior portrait session as early as possible. Typically, senior portraits are usually taken during the late spring in the student’s Junior year or during the first few weeks of their Senior year. If you schedule your senior portrait session too late, that leaves little time to get your senior portraits edited and back to you before the deadline for yearbook photo submissions (if you plan to use one of your senior portraits for your yearbook photo). Schedules starts to fill up quickly, and the longer you wait to pick a date for your session, even if it’s a few months away, the less likely you will be in getting a time and date that you want for your session. SO BOOK YOUR SESSION EARLY!

It’s important to me that I know a little bit about each client before their session so that I can get a feel for their personality, their interests, and what they’re expecting from their senior portraits. So, the first thing we do is schedule a consultation to sit down for about 30 minutes or so and talk about you, what your interests are, what you like, what you don’t, etc. These things will help me to get to get a better idea of how to bring out your personality in your photos during your session. If you’ve seen some other photographs that you liked on a website or in a magazine, bring them with you and we’ll work together to create something similar to the look and feel of the images you like. I also have a folder of some of the best senior portraits I’ve seen from around the world, some of which I would love to try and recreate, so if you need ideas, perhaps those will be a good starting point. We’ll also go over what to wear, what time of day we’ll be shooting, some possible locations to shoot at, and then schedule a date for your session. If you have any questions before our consultation, please give me a call and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

A $100 deposit is due at the time of our consultation to secure your session date. The balance is due at the time of the session.

Once we’ve decided on a location and time for your session, it’s time to have fun! Sessions generally last about an hour and a half depending on the location, how many wardrobe changes you have, etc. My shooting style is very laid back, and my goal is for you to have fun during your shoot, so relax You’re going to have a great time!

After your session, it usually takes me about a week to get all of your images edited. Once your images are ready, you’ll receive an email with a link to your online proofing gallery where you’ll be able to pick out your favorites and order your prints. You’ll also be able to use this link to share with friends and family for sharing or purchasing prints.

Once you get your proofs, all print orders need to be made within 30 days from the time your images are ready. So be sure you get your print orders in on time.

For more information, please contact me using the contact form on my website or just give me a call at 508 735-4663, and I’ll answer any questions you may have. If you get together a few friends from your school, I’ll come up there and we can chat on-site for a few minutes and save you the trip to the studio.

Frequently Asked Senior Portrait Questions

Do I get any prints with the Senior Portrait package?

Most photographers offer some kind of “print package” that comes with a set number of prints in certain sizes. The problem with “packages” is that often times you end up with sizes that you didn’t really want or need. With your Senior Portrait package from Stellar Images Photography you will receive an 8 x 10 of your favorite pose, along with two 5 x 7′s and some wallet sized. If you prefer to just pick your own sizes, you get a credit of $30 towards any prints that you want.

How do I order prints from my session?

Once your images have been edited, I upload them to your own private gallery on my website and then send you an email with an access code that you can use to log in and view the images from your session. Within your gallery you can choose which images as well as what size, how many, and various other options you would like to order prints of. Once your order is placed, it usually takes about a week to get the prints back.

Do you have a minimum print order requirement?

Yes. For all Senior Portrait sessions there is a $100 minimum print order requirement which can be met by ordering prints,or any number of other products that are available.

Is your logo on all of my prints when I get them?

When you view your images in your online proofing gallery, you will see that each image has a watermark. This watermark is to protect my work in it’s digital form while on my website and on Facebook. Your prints will obviously not have this watermark when you receive them, though they may be embossed on the bottom right with our studio name unless you request otherwise.

Can I invite a friend to come to my session and take some pictures with me?

Absolutely! Buddy Photos, as they are called, are done at half the sitting fee per buddy during your session. Because of time constraints, and my limited availability, separate buddy sessions are not available.

What do we do if it rains?

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. If your session gets rained out, we’ll get it re-scheduled for the next available date.

What do I wear for my session?

One of the best pieces of advice I can give Seniors about what to wear during their session is to never wear something that you wouldn’t normally wear. Not only does it make you uncomfortable during the shoot, but wearing clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear just doesn’t bring out your true personality! That being said, the general rule of thumb is that darker solid colors are generally best. Stripes are a no-no, as are clothes with any kind of repeating small print or pattern. Hats are optional, but typically don’t make the best portraits.

Can I bring props to use during my session?

Bring them! If you have a letter jacket, a guitar, a favorite pet, a mountain bike, or some other prop that you want to include in your portraits then we’ll use them!

What else should I bring with me to my session?

Other than what you want to wear during your session, any props you may want to use, and the standard grooming items (hair brush, hair spray, make up,etc), be sure that you bring at least one bottle of water with you. Water is one of the most often overlooked things to bring to a session, so don’t leave home without it! You may even want to throw in a small snack if you think you’ll get hungry during your session. Hopefully a parent can bring along a bag with a change of clothes, snacks, etc.

How do I get one of the “cool” pictures with the special effects that you do?

I’m a photographer that likes to think outside the box, and my goal has always been to provide my clients with images that are truly different than anything they can get from other photographers. From time to time, there are certain images that are ideal candidates for a post processing technique that I use which creates a final image that is truly a one of a kind. This process is not the same for each image, and takes a considerable about of time and focused effort to produce. Normally, photographers charge more to do additional work, but I started this business because I truly love expressing my art, so for now I’m just doing what I love at no added charge.

Here is my FAQ page, in case you have any other questions – http://stellarimages.us/services/faq-page-2/ or just ping me an email anytime at all at steve@stellarimages.us

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Why bother with a real student portrait session?

If you, like me, have a drawer full of photos like this, you will quickly get my point.

If you, like me, have a drawer full of photos like this, you will quickly get my point.

SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – One of the big questions that people in the photographic field hear, comes from people asking why they should bother doing a student portrait session, when they get school photos done each year anyway.  On this one I can speak from personal experience as a dad, more so than just my years as a photographer.  Somewhere upstairs in my dresser, I have a plastic baggie, and in there is a stack of school pictures for each of my three kids, that dates back 18 years. The process of doing them really hasn’t changed much since I was in grade school 40 years ago.  The kids let you know that “Tuesday is class picture day,” they wear a nice shirt, someone comes into the gym and snaps a few pictures on a blue background, and then you get an envelope with the photo of your class, and your individual portrait.  When they arrive, you smile at how cute your child it, and then you cut the 5 x 7′s and wallet sized pictures out and send them off to your family, where they hopefully will find a place on grandmas refrigerator door. As I said, not much has changed. For all I know, 60 years ago my parents did the same with their grandparents.

With all of the innovation that we have seen over the decades, the technology has gotten so much better, yet the process itself is still hampered by the simple fact that (a) when you can only spend 45 seconds with each child and need to get 2 shots in, it isn’t exactly a unique and personal experience, and (b) the majority of the people that work for the large “school picture houses” are not photographers. In fact, a quick search on one of the job boards had over tons of jobs for such folks, all with “no experience required.”

The funny thing is that the one part that has changed over the years is that the cost of getting the typical school pictures done has grown exponentially.  Suddenly you get the envelope home, and as you’re looking through the “packages” that they offer, you’re seeing prices that are close to $100, and at those kind of prices, you’re practically paying for a professional shoot anyway, which would actually give you something you would treasure for decades to come, instead of just tossing them in a drawer.

Eventually, I got to the point where I finally stopped buying the school pictures, and sent back my empty envelope.  After all, I thought, this photo they were going to send me doesn’t really seem like it reflects my kids unique personality, and if I know it’s just going to wind up in the drawer anyway, I would rather save the money an do something else with it.

Instead, the two questions I posed to myself, and would ask people reading this site, is first how you want to remember these special moments in your child’s life, and secondly, are you getting your moneys worth for what you buy. This week, I had the chance to invite one of my neighbors over to do some pictures while I tested out my new lighting system, and we had such a great time. I don’t think we spent more than 20 minutes for the whole session, but what came out of it was a set of photos that I know they will really enjoy.

Here are some of the photos from that session, which they gave me permission to post.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think these are going to wind up in a plastic baggie in the dresser.  I think they’ll actually get hung on a wall, and treasured as the years go by.

540976_495241427180248_35224070_n 522564_495241503846907_662212931_n


Here is another one from last week, with one of my favorite photo subjects, again posted with mom and dads permission of course. Can you see this as something that might be treasured in the years to come?  I know I can.

The ironic thing is that the cost of doing portraits with this level of quality is so affordable now, that it’s almost the same price as the typical “photo package” I was getting back from school anyway.  It becomes even better when you combine your kids together into one session. Some of the difference in quality can probably be attributed to using great equipment, and other to the fact that I’m actually a trained photographer. The biggest element though, is just being able to take the time to get to know the subject a little bit, in more than 45 seconds, and try to bring out their individual personality.  That’s where you come upon the difference between equipment, and being an actual artist.

In the end, I suppose the old adage has always been that you get what you pay for, but in this case, I think you actually get far more for more your money by doing it right the first time. Check out some of the photos on our site, and you be the judge for yourself.




























































































































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